June 3 - International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day

Light a Candle for the Vaccine-damaged

Join the event called Light a Candle for the Vaccine-damaged held on International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day. People gather in public places (in streets, town squares or parks) and light candles to remember the suffering or even death of vaccine-injured children and adults. This event brings to our attention that vaccination is not a harmless act and can have adverse effects, sometimes even very serious. At a time when vaccination is mandatory in many countries throughout the world, it is even more important to inform people about the potential risks of vaccination. Vaccine injury is often denied by the health authorities and state officials even though many medical experts all over the world warn about the risks. Only the parents of vaccine-injured children know the truth. (more...)

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'Better to light a candle than curse the darkness'

Get together with a few people, print out our logo from the website, bring photos of your loved ones who have been adversely affected by vaccination and light your candles this Friday or before.
Light a candle in your home or in a public place and please share the photo with us.

Statement for International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day

The number of people convinced that their children or they themselves were seriously injured by vaccination is increasing worldwide. International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day is a day of joint support for people around the world whose lives have been significantly changed, for the worse, by vaccination.

The existence of compulsory vaccination in some countries is a violation of basic human rights and freedoms. Children in particular can become the victims of systems that force parents to agree to medical treatment for their children, under the threat of sanctions, and this can for various reasons be risky. In the name of scientifically unfounded public health, a child’s health may be compromised, or even irretrievably damaged. At the same time, the medical profession and authorities are unable to justify scientifically the necessity and benefits of such practices, either for individuals or in the collective domain.

International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day is dedicated to all those whose lives have been changed forever by vaccination because their loved ones now suffer with vaccine damage. It is dedicated to parents and families, the direct and indirect victims who bravely carry the burden of lifelong care, especially of damaged children. It is dedicated to their personal courage and the social deprivation and mistrust they experience from others on a regular basis. In some countries there is no state care and support for these families while in other countries compensation and assistance to victims of vaccination is considered standard, even in some countries where vaccination is not mandatory.

This day is also dedicated to all those who may have chosen vaccination voluntarily, totally convinced that it was safe and not prepared for the reality of its side effects. They discovered later that they had been influenced by media propaganda, that they had not been given sufficient information beforehand and that their potential health problems were not taken into account. Last but not least, this day is dedicated to those who have courageously raised their voices and have been seeking the truth. It is dedicated to those who are asking questions of the groups promoting so-called ‘immunization’ and responsible for vaccination policy, groups who refuse to answer such questions and even try to silence those who ask.

Vaccine Injury Awareness Day is intended to open the eyes of those who strongly believe vaccination is totally beneficial with just negligible risks. Sadly, these risks actually do exist; they are very real and they can be seen all around. Also, they can just as easily affect these people themselves or their loved ones. It is intended to point out that the vaccine damaged are real people who need help and support. It should also point out that the knowledge of those who identify themselves as scientists and experts, and claim that vaccination is without any faults, is often limited. These "experts" refuse point-blank to consider scientifically relevant facts. It has been recently revealed that sometimes, they even deliberately conceal important information for personal or corporate benefit. It is intended to point out that the topic of vaccination must now be debated in public, free from dogmas, to bring it closer to reality. Vaccination can be beneficial only if the adverse effects are closely examined. They should not be concealed or their severity and frequency downplayed. Vaccination can only be considered beneficial if the real risks are compared to its scientifically proven benefits.

Some people are under pressure from advertising campaigns claiming almost zero risk in vaccination. In the name of expertise they are ridiculing those who bear the consequences and ask questions. Media campaigns turn people who have personal experience with injury and are afraid of further consequences into "enemies of society"; they show disrespect towards these victims and contribute to the negative atmosphere. This is therefore a day of compassion for those who bear the consequences of vaccination throughout life. It is intended to bring understanding rather than hatred.

On this day may people light candles in public places, in memory and support of those who have lost part of their lives to vaccination. Let them light a candle for the authorities deciding on national vaccination programs in the hope that they will truly address the effects of vaccination and not succumb to interest groups. May these individuals go public to support this international effort and press for the abolition of compulsory vaccination, a breach of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other fundamental human rights documents (petition). Light a candle as a symbol of support for those whose lives have been seriously affected by side effects of vaccination. Light a candle to shed a little more light on those injured by vaccination. Light a candle with the hope that the vaccine-damaged will no longer be overlooked in this society.

Light a candle for hope, compassion and change.